Custom Hearing Protection Plugs

Custom Hearing Protection Plugs

Made for Swimmers, Musicians, Hunters & Everyone Else

Sometimes earmolds aren’t about enhancing sounds, but protecting your hearing from loud or distracting noises. Perfect Seal offers a complete line of high-quality sound protection ear plugs that keep the sound turned down. Created with our innovative technology and industry expertise, Perfect Seal ear plugs are perfect for anyone looking to preserve their hearing or protect their ears from damage.

Perfect Seal sound protection plugs are ideal for hunters and musicians who spend their lives exposed to loud sounds that cause permanent hearing loss. Earplugs also help swimmers keep water out, and their ears safe from ear infections. Perfect Seal ear plugs even help light sleepers, concert goers, and construction workers drown out distracting noise. Our selection includes a wide variety of styles, colors, materials and noise reduction levels so you can find the ear plugs that work best for your specific needs!

What Customers Have To Say

  • I work around loud machinery all day. Normal earplugs were uncomfortable. I set up my appointment where they took my molds and let me ...
    James, KS

Inspiration Gallery

Ear Plugs

    Aqua-Tite swim plugs are great for keeping water out of the ear. They are made of medical grade silicone and float. They may be swirled in up to three colors.
    Our musician earplugs are available in 9, 15, or 25 dB filters. The plugs provide a flat reduction in sound. The same clarity is heard, just at a lower volume. The filters are interchangeable and replaceable.
    Our solid hearing protectors are made of (but not limited to) medical grade silicone. Standard style is the full shell, but most any requested style can be accommodated. Solid hearing protectors provide the maximum noise reduction in custom molds.
    The Noise Breaker is very similar to the solid plug with the addition of a sound bore and stepped filter. It allows for 19 db of attenuation. This mold is used when the need to communicate is a factor.
    Similar to the Noise Breaker, but uses either one or two Ohm filters instead of a stepped filter. One filter provides 10 db attenuation, while two filters provide 20 db.
    Sonic II plugs are also known as “Shooters plugs.” They contain a Lee Sonic Valve which allows all sound except loud compressive noises (i.e. gunshot blasts) to enter. They are great for hunters, shooters, or anyone who is exposed to loud noises for short intervals.

SilenceEAR – Electronic Hearing Protection

  • SilencEAR Digital
    SilencEAR Digital
    With SilencEAR Digital you will notice clearer more natural sounds when compared to all the analog circuits out there. They are ideal for hunting, sport shooting, construction work, or any other time both hearing protection and the need to hear are simultaneously desired.
  • SilenceEAR Plus
    SilenceEAR Plus
    The SilencEAR Plus gives you all the benefits of the SilencEAR Digital with the addition of 3 memories. The memories give you the control to choose different settings for different environments. They are generally set for Indoor, Outdoor, and Enhanced hearing situations.
  • SilencEAR 3-D
    SilencEAR 3-D
    This circuit gives you the 3 memories of the SilencEAR Plus, with the addition of directional mic technology. There is nothing better for competition shooting. The directional mic's features stand out in noisy environments helping to distinguish speech from background noise.

Colors & Tinting

  • Glow In The Dark
    Glow In The Dark
    Add excitement to earmolds with our Glow in the Dark additive. We use the brightest, longest lasting phosphorescent materials available. Choose from green, blue, violet, or red.
  • ConSeal
    ConSeal molds are great for those who require a nice cosmetically, appealing mold. Made with tiny flesh like nylon fibers, these molds seem to disasappear in the ear. A matte finish pink tube couples the mold to the hearing instrument.
  • Choose Your Color
    Choose Your Color
    From wild to mild, we can tint earmolds to almost any color under the sun. Choose up to three different colors to swirl together to add style and uniqueness to your clients mold.
  • Glitter Molds
    Glitter Molds
    Glitter has become a very popular choice for children. The sparkle effect from the molds instantly draws attention and fits directly to their style.
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